15 September, 2021

The UK is experiencing a record high in job vacancies, as numbers passed one million for the first time. At the same time, while well over a million people are still on furlough, the Office for National Statistics is reporting that employee levels had returned to pre-Covid levels in August.

Hand in grey sweatshirt holding pink headphones on pink background
5 July, 2021


As pandemic recovery rolls on, it may still be some time before you’re back in the workplace with all your colleagues and attending face-to-face events. Things might be a little too quiet right now, after 16 months of COVID-19 work patterns and solo coffee breaks.

Sign by water which reads 'Understanding', with pink sky background
21 June, 2021


We've gathered the latest news highlighting equalities groups, both inside and outside the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector. This includes the National Trust's Pride celebrations, autism charities offering a toolkit for employers, and a new report on racism in the aid sector.

Visitors to exhibition at heritage site with red walls and framed pictures, on time lapse
15 June, 2021


A new report from the Heritage Volunteering Group (HVG) has revealed that 40% of heritage organisations have no volunteering strategy, despite 45% of heritage organisations relying on volunteers to help with critical work, and 70% saying they could not function without volunteers. This suggests a huge gap between the need for volunteers and these organisations’ overall planning and sustainability.

Man's hand pointing at analytics on laptop screen in office space with plant
8 June, 2021


If your organisation has an office space (either a standalone office or a co-working arrangement), what should you consider about the return to office working as lockdown eases? And are there any differences between private companies and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations returning to the office?

Woman with visible disability raising right hand
11 February, 2021


A new report looking at leaders with disability in the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector suggests that people with disabilities aren’t fully represented, supported or understood.


There are lots of reasons that you, your staff and service users might experience high levels of anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic - health concerns, job insecurity, pre-existing mental or physical health conditions, worries for family and friends, housing situations, and so on. 

Building with sign above door saying 'Take care of each other'
22 January, 2021
Polly Voscur

Blog written by Polly Allen, Digital Marketing and Communications Officer at Voscur

As we settle into the third coronavirus lockdown, this is a good opportunity to review the support that employers are giving their staff, to help them balance their home life and working life.

17 December, 2020


In the rush before the Christmas holidays and the end of the year, it can be hard for your organisation to keep up with voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector news.

That’s why we’ve summarised the key stories you need to know, whether you’re a charity, a voluntary group, or another organisation that works to improve society and community.

Small Charities Data launches as a digital hub

Life ring with COVID-19 support written on it
23 November, 2020


For our next Learning from Lockdown, we’re again going back to the start of the coronavirus pandemic in spring to review the initial impacts on Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations, and the development needs that appeared as a result. This formed the basis for our latest briefing paper, available to download now.


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