Social Enterprise Leadership Development Programme. Starting in November 2023. Voscur. Clore Social Leadership.
11 September, 2023

The Social Enterprise Leadership Programme is a 5-month leadership development opportunity. It is designed to increase the knowledge, understanding, capability and confidence of Bristol’s VCSE sector social enterprise leaders through a programme of interactive, challenging, supported learning. The programme is hosted by Voscur as part of our work within the Bristol Local Access Programme and will be delivered by Clore Social Leadership.

The Social Enterprise Leadership Programme outcomes are:

15 November, 2022

Homelessness charity Emmaus Bristol has been criticised on social media for its decision to list two housing pods on AirBnB.

The primary accusation levied at Emmaus is that AirBnB contributes to homelessness by removing stock from the housing market. The eco-pods, however, do not meet the minimum legal space requirements for living.

The pods, which will fund the support Emmaus provides to those experiencing homelessness, represent an innovative approach to the social enterprise model against a challenging national and local financial backdrop.

16 August, 2021


Shopiago, a company that allows people to donate to charity online, reported a 151% rise in sales between February and July this year. 

30 June, 2021


After years of hard work Lawrence Weston’s community-owned wind turbine is on its way, and future climate action enterprises could be easier to develop through increased support, nationally and locally, for green business.

21 June, 2021


Bristol's Local Access Partnership (LAP) has an exciting opportunity to innovate in the sub-£50k social finance market, to make loans more equitable for social enterprises coming from communities experiencing inequality in Bristol. Bristol LAP is looking for an outstanding and innovative partner to deliver our sub £50k loan project.

Further information can be found in the tender documentation:

Red, yellow, cream and blue balloons in blue sky with clouds
10 June, 2021


It’s been a brilliant start to the summer for many of our members, as they’ve stopped to reflect on their achievements and the hard work of their volunteers. Find out what they’ve been up to, and how you can support them.

Houria, which means ‘freedom’, is a pan-African catering social enterprise that specifically supports, trains and employs migrant women and survivors of slavery. It was founded in 2019, by Kim Prado, with values of empowerment, sisterhood, enterprise and cooperation.

2 March, 2021


As we begin to think about emerging from the worst of the pandemic, economic recovery is high on the agenda - alongside tackling entrenched inequalities. According to ONS figures, the UK economy was hit by a record slump in 2020 with GDP shrinking 9.9%. However, the challenge is equally an opportunity—with such a dramatic shock to the system, can we think about rebuilding in a fairer and more equal way?

Black-led social enterprise
28 September, 2020

As part of a commitment to tackle racial inequality, PwC has launched a small to medium grants programme for social enterprises that are Black-led or charities that benefit ethnic minorities. 

Funding of £2,000-25,000 is available, depending on the scale, activity and impact of your social enterprise or charity's work. 


Power to Change is hosting a two-day virtual festival to celebrate community businesses. 

The festival will feature examples of community businesses from across England, from sports groups and gardening groups to sustainable fashion organisations, and even running a community pub.

Thursday, 13 August, 2020 - 08:00 to Friday, 14 August, 2020 - 16:30


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