Consultation on society lottery reform published

7 January, 2020


The government is consulting on amendments to the licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP).

It follows the publication of another consultation, after which the government announced plans to amend section 99 (3) of the Gambling Act 2005 to raise the per draw limit on lottery proceeds (ticket sales) from £4 million to £5 million, with the result that the maximum individual prize will raise from £400,000 to £500,000.

In addition, the annual aggregate proceeds limit will rise from £10 million to £50 million.

The government is also looking at the current regulatory requirements to ensure that issues related to the fair and open licensing objective, regarding transparency to consumers, are addressed.

It is therefore seeking views on strengthening some aspects of the LCCP and producing guidance related to information available to consumers.

In a consultation response document, published in July 2019, Mims Davies, the former Minister for Sport and Civil Society, wrote:

“Lotteries are a vital fundraising tool for many charities, community groups, sports clubs and other non-commercial organisations, and the Government had heard worrying evidence that the existing limits, which had not been raised for almost a decade, were acting as a barrier to raising much needed funds.

“The consultation aimed to ensure that the overall lotteries framework enabled both society lotteries and the National Lottery to thrive, and that society lotteries could grow and increase their returns to good causes without undermining the unique position of the National Lottery.”

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