Final round of Tampon Tax grants to support women and girls

2 June, 2021


The final round of funding gathered from the Tampon Tax is currently open for applications from charities that support women and girls. This money comes from the European Union VAT imposed on sanitary products, which ended here when the UK left the EU. 

This final round of funding, running from 2021-22, has a lower grant threshold designed to benefit more organisations than in previous rounds, where grants of up to £1 million were available.

Eligible organisations are:

  • Charitable, benevolent or philanthropic.
  • Applying for £350,000 or more: a figure that should be no more than 50% of your annual income.
  • Working on projects lasting 12-18 months preventing violence against women and girls, or projects that generally support disadvantaged women and girls.
  • Able to provide their safeguarding policy.

The government is particularly interested in applications from specialist networks with projects that include distributing money (as onward grants) to other women's organisations.

For full criteria and to apply, click here.

Applications close at midnight on Sunday 4 July 2021.