Join ACHRAMP and the elected Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees as we launch our first State of the City report, 'From Sanctuary to Opportunity | Creating a better future for refugees in Bristol and the West of England' through the Change Makers Project.

1pm - 4:30pm | Thursday 31 March 2022 | Trinity Centre, BS2 0NW

Thursday, 31 March, 2022 - 13:00 to 16:30
7 September, 2021

What does intersectionality look like in practice and what can we learn collectively about tackling race inequalities in key areas of local life?

Bristol’s Race Equality Strategic Leaders’ group have launched Race & the City 2, a free programme of events open to the public, to explore ideas and answers.

9 August, 2021


Bristol City Council’s Impact Fund invests £5.8m into community-led initiatives for a more equitable city 

40 local charities and social enterprises will receive £5.8m over the next four years targeted towards making Bristol a more inclusive and equitable city. The funding will help many of the communities hardest hit by COVID-19 continue to address the inequalities it highlighted, with equalities-led groups and resilient partnerships a key focus. 

Hand in grey sweatshirt holding pink headphones on pink background
5 July, 2021


As pandemic recovery rolls on, it may still be some time before you’re back in the workplace with all your colleagues and attending face-to-face events. Things might be a little too quiet right now, after 16 months of COVID-19 work patterns and solo coffee breaks.

Sign by water which reads 'Understanding', with pink sky background
21 June, 2021


We've gathered the latest news highlighting equalities groups, both inside and outside the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector. This includes the National Trust's Pride celebrations, autism charities offering a toolkit for employers, and a new report on racism in the aid sector.

Man's hand pointing at analytics on laptop screen in office space with plant
8 June, 2021


If your organisation has an office space (either a standalone office or a co-working arrangement), what should you consider about the return to office working as lockdown eases? And are there any differences between private companies and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations returning to the office?

Houria, which means ‘freedom’, is a pan-African catering social enterprise that specifically supports, trains and employs migrant women and survivors of slavery. It was founded in 2019, by Kim Prado, with values of empowerment, sisterhood, enterprise and cooperation.

2 June, 2021


The final round of funding gathered from the Tampon Tax is currently open for applications from charities that support women and girls. This money comes from the European Union VAT imposed on sanitary products, which ended here when the UK left the EU. 

This final round of funding, running from 2021-22, has a lower grant threshold designed to benefit more organisations than in previous rounds, where grants of up to £1 million were available.

Eligible organisations are:

Religious texts in Islam laid on blue table
10 May, 2021


People who have a religion give to charity more often than those with no faith, and their most prioritised cause is also different, according to YouGov Profiles analysis.

Elderly Black woman in black cardigan with patterned top and earrings
6 May, 2021


Phase 2 of the Windrush Community Fund is open for applications from groups and organisations that can raise awareness of the government's Windrush Compensation Scheme in their community. 

If you work with a community affected by the government treatment of Windrush generation people and their families (who, through no fault of their own, were unable to prove their lawful right to live and work in the UK), your organisation can apply for a grant of £2,500-25,000. Local authorities and individuals cannot apply. 


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