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Women's issues in Bristol
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16 December, 2019


Bristol Women’s Voice is speaking to women across Bristol to find out what issues they face and what ideas they have for change.

The City Listening Project will seek to capture the voices of women who are rarely heard through discussion groups, one-to-one interviews and interactive pop-ups.

An online survey has also been launched. The survey responses will contribute towards the research findings and quotes may be used in reports and presentations by Bristol Women's Voice and its research partners. No identifying information, such as name or address, will be shared and each questionnaire has a unique ID number which will be used instead of a name.

The City Listening project has been commissioned by the Government Equalities Office in three major UK cities. Bristol is one of these cities and Bristol Women’s Voice has been selected to carry out this work. The City Listening Project aims to speak to women of Bristol who are less likely to get their voices heard in order to better understand some of the issues they are facing and what ideas they have for change.

The findings will be presented by the women involved in the project at an event at City Hall in June.

Contact Debra Newrick, Project Manager for more information about the project and how you can take part.


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