Small but mighty

Image Credit: 
Lloyds Bank Foundation
14 July, 2021


The Lloyds Bank Foundation evidenced it nationally. Voscur identified echoes of it locally. And more sector leaders are arguing for the ‘proven power of small charities’ as we now work to build back better.

Writing in Charity Times, Steve Butterworth of Neighbourly and Rita Chadna of the Small Charities Coalition highlight the house-by-house, street-by-street community infrastructure small charities collectively provide, and call for support to ensure recovery and rebuilding is driven by the knowledge and lived experience that can turn local assets into ambitious solutions: “To deliver big, we must think local.”

They call on policymakers, responsible businesses, civil society and citizens to consider how they can each contribute positively to the community fabric that small charities weave together.

Small charities are also often the testing ground for new approaches and for the articulation of emerging ambitions and needs. They can learn from larger charities and enterprises about delivering social impact at scale, and share in return local knowledge from doorstep conversations - together making up an ecosystem for sustainable development. To get support for your small charity, do get in touch.