23 July, 2019


A new £7.5 million funding programme has been launched to support Armed forces families.

The focus of the programme is on supporting the families rather than serving personnel or veterans. The funding will be available for projects that focus on one of the following: young people from armed forces families; families and carers of veterans and serving families.

23 July, 2019


23 July, 2019


Grants for children's health and education
23 July, 2019


Grants of up to £30,000 are available from the DM Thomas Foundation Central Grants Programme, to registered charities for projects that improve education and health for young people in three key areas:

23 July, 2019


NHS Blood and Transport has funding available for organisations and groups who can promote organ donation in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. There are two strands of funding: up to £2,499, and £2,500-10,000.

Express Grants Programme to temporarily close
17 July, 2019


The Express Grants Programme from Quartet Community Foundation will temporarily close at the end of July 2019 and reopen in September 2019, allowing the funders to assess this service.

Quartet wants to ensure that small, local non-profits and community groups receive efficient support to continue and expand their work. Grants of £500-5,000 can be transformative for these small organisations, helping them to address local people's needs. 

11 July, 2019


UK-based not-for-profit organisations and schools can apply for funding to the Nineveh Charitable Trust for a broad range of projects and activities that promote a better understanding of the environment and countryside, whilst facilitating improved access, education and research.

4 July, 2019


The Society of Merchant Venturers charity has a range of grants available to organisations that benefit people in the greater Bristol area. Grants are typically between £500-5,000. 

Your organisation should address one or more of the following needs:

27 June, 2019


Local Trusts and Foundations don’t always have the largest amounts to give, but making and keeping a good relationship with them is a key part of a sustainable grants strategy. They are also more likely to give grants quickly and to respond positively to the local concerns and needs that might be hard to get across to national organisations.

This is a general list; click on the links to research how appropriate each one is for your needs.


27 June, 2019


People's Postcode Trust provides funding for projects in Great Britain relating to combatting discrimination, promoting human rights and poverty prevention.


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