Can greater VCSE involvement and community input to services address the health inequalities suffered by Black, Asian and minority ethnic people “at every stage from birth to death”? 

16 February, 2022 - 15:17

The scale of health inequalities faced by ethnic minorities is devastating, and the healthcare system is failing minority ethnic patients across the whole of England, including Bristol. Radical measures are needed, according to the largest review of its kind, commissioned by the NHS Race and...

Should charities embrace flexible working?

16 February, 2022 - 11:20


Picture this... Voscur’s office is busier today than it has been for the past two years. While we’re by no means full, there are lots of us here and the consensus seems to be that it’s good to see one another in person. As a member of staff who has joined the organisation during the...

Learning from the pandemic – what next for the sector?

9 February, 2022 - 10:43


Almost two years after the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, Voscur has published The Power of Community, research that shows how Bristol’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector has adapted to meet the pandemic’s many challenges....

How can Bristol's VCSE sector ensure communities aren't left behind as we learn to accept a new level of uncertainty 'post-pandemic'? 

9 February, 2022 - 10:38

To influence and help shape key decisions about our city and the people living, working and studying here, one effective way to build on the partnership working developed during the height of the pandemic is to seek and act on opportunities to take a seat at the policy-making table.


Can your organisation answer the questions set out by NCVO and Victor Adebowale?  

2 February, 2022 - 15:10


Two recent studies, the Commission on Social Investment led by Victor Adebowale, and NCVO’s (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) annual...

Mental health in the workplace 

31 January, 2022 - 09:41

How has your working week started? Well - we hope, because work is the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives – more so than financial problems - according to the mental health charity Mind. Their research shows that, at least one in six workers...

Volunteering could help see off January 'blues'

19 January, 2022 - 09:10

There was a beautiful blue sky in Bristol on “Blue Monday” 17th January, so-called as it’s said to be the most depressing day of the year. It was trending on social media and enjoyed plenty of news coverage, but in fact, there's little scientific about it. 

The name was reportedly coined...

Levelling up – matching public expectations?

18 January, 2022 - 13:39


‘Levelling up’ is a term that has received much attention over the past couple of years. Ministers frequently cite it as a way to promote a more equal development across the country, with new ‘Red Wall’ Conservative MPs particularly keen to see extra funds flowing from London to the...

Is housing the cause or effect of social crises and can it be addressed locally? 

17 January, 2022 - 13:19

Huge swathes of people in Bristol are struggling to find suitable, affordable homes and it’s a familiar story across the country as we head into 2022. Housing has come up repeatedly in Voscur’s work as part of Everyday Integration in Bristol, and this weekend it was discussed as a problem at the...

To cc or bcc: that’s the £10,000 question 

12 January, 2022 - 14:55

Who hasn’t pasted email addresses into the wrong box before sending? If you’ve ever made this all too human error, here’s news about an upcoming opportunity to get to grips with UK Data Protection Law.  

Under current legislation, organisations responsible for personal data must ensure...