Higher wages and hybrid working on offer to aid VCSE staff retention

16 March, 2022 - 12:05


With the Big Resignation and labour shortages affecting the VCSE sector, some organisations are looking at how best to retain valuable team members. Keeping your best employees is strategically savvy, your “enthusiastic stayers” are one of your best assets.

The two top reasons...

Without a change, social sector organisations face an existential threat, report says. 

16 March, 2022 - 11:20

Published yesterday, the report It’s All About Power, by the Sheila McKechnie Foundation warns that the social sector faces an “existential threat” if it does not rethink its approach to power and partnership working. They could become alienated from the people they were created...

Bristol’s community organisations are pioneering bold and fair community-led climate action

9 March, 2022 - 14:50

As part of the Bristol Community Climate Action project, funded by the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund, six organisations representing some of Bristol’s most disadvantaged communities have co-...

Voscur recommits to being an anti-racist organisation

7 March, 2022 - 14:45


In the aftermath of the ‘culture wars’ and the pandemic, both of which underlined the historic and continued structural inequalities and racism in our society and institutions, Voscur has recommitted to being an anti-racist organisation.

Creating a more equitable and inclusive...

Looking for a way you can help Ukrainians?

7 March, 2022 - 11:57

Updated 16th March 2022

Here at Voscur we have received lots of enquiries from members, partners and from the wider community in Bristol and surrounding areas, wishing to support and / or volunteer with organisations who are assisting refugees and those still in Ukraine.

We are...

Bristol institutions investigate the impact of food, drink and gambling on local neighbourhoods

23 February, 2022 - 12:17

A new survey has been created to find out what our residents think about advertisements for food, drink and gambling in their neighbourhood, and the impact they might be having on people.

The survey is being conducted by researchers from the University of Bristol in conjunction with...

Property under pressure: charities facing significant decisions about workspace and staffing management. 

16 February, 2022 - 15:38

Across the UK, Bristol being no exception, many community resources are disappearing or have already disappeared, with buildings often demolished or sold to private companies for redevelopments that deliver little benefit for local communities. 

Buildings are often a vital...

Can greater VCSE involvement and community input to services address the health inequalities suffered by Black, Asian and minority ethnic people “at every stage from birth to death”? 

16 February, 2022 - 15:17

The scale of health inequalities faced by ethnic minorities is devastating, and the healthcare system is failing minority ethnic patients across the whole of England, including Bristol. Radical measures are needed, according to the largest review of its kind, commissioned by the NHS Race and...

Should charities embrace flexible working?

16 February, 2022 - 11:20


Picture this... Voscur’s office is busier today than it has been for the past two years. While we’re by no means full, there are lots of us here and the consensus seems to be that it’s good to see one another in person. As a member of staff who has joined the organisation during the...