Here you can find a range of tools, checklists and guidance to help you manage and improve the performance of your organisation. More resources are added frequently but if what you want is not here, go to advice for other ways to get the answer you need.

Collaboration agreement template

This Collaboration Agreement template is intended to support VCSE organisations in working together. It covers aspects of partnership working such as:

Volunteering England - volunteer management information sheets

A range of information sheets covering volunteering, including good practice, screening and safeguarding and legal issues are now hosted by NCVO.


Working Together to Safeguard Children

Local authorities have overarching responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and young people in their area. They have a number of statutory  functions under the 1989 and 2004 Children Acts which make this clear, and this guidance sets these out in detail.

Safeguarding - Disclosure and Barring Service - the new 'CRB checks'

Please find attached a brief note of guidance that is currently available regarding the new disclosure and barring service.

What is safeguarding? (An introduction/refresher)

An overview of safeguarding for children and adults with additional related handouts and exercises.