23 October, 2018

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has launched a new £20 million fund to help those at risk of homelessness to secure their own tenancy.

The Private Rented Sector Access Fund was launched on World Homeless Day and aims to help up to 9,000 people to find private rented home.

28 September, 2018


The new measurement looks beyond income, accounting for a range of essential costs that reduce people’s spending power such as rent, mortgage payments, childcare and disability costs.

These are measured against the positive impact of people’s liquid assets on alleviating immediate poverty. These include savings and – where relevant – stocks and shares.

Metro Mayor of WECA, Tim Bowles, seen with map graphic of WECA areas
11 September, 2018


22 August, 2018

Avon and Somerset Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) has released tender documents for those providers wishing to provide it with victim support services from April 2019. Each new contract will last for four years.

Voscur and the Somerset VCSE Strategic Forum were commissioned by the OPCC to link with the wider voluntary and community sector and seek their views on the future of victim support services and how current services impact on their organisations.

18 July, 2018
3 July, 2018

The Avon and Somerset Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) has now published the commissioning plan for a range of victim services for the area. This follows a period of consultation in which feedback was invited from a wide range of stakeholders.
The PCC is responsible for the commissioning of local victim services such as emotional support for victims, independent sexual violence advisors and modern slavery support. New services will be put in place from April 2019 when the current contracts and grants conclude.

22 May, 2018

After a successful crowdfunding campaign and a year off, Get Growing is back for 2018 with even more community gardens, allotments and orchards opening their gates across Bristol. As well as showcasing the committed work of volunteers and local people from the community, Get Growing demonstrates how such spaces help with community wellbeing, healthy eating, skills development and beautifying little- known parts of Bristol. Get Growing does what it says on the tin - it's all about getting more people in the city involved in growing!

10 May, 2018

For a few years now, a global cultural movement has been building, as a positive response to Black Friday. In 2018 - it is coming to Bristol!

The concept of Black Friday sits very differently with different people. Although embraced by a large number, who take to the shops in their droves, many others object to the consumerism on varying grounds, wanting something more enriching for local people to get involved in.

9 February, 2018

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has circulated an update on developments with Universal Credit and Universal Support. Click here to view the bulletin.

When will Bristol move onto Universal Credit?

18 January, 2018

This week, the Government announced the appointment of Tracy Crouch as the UK's Minister for Loneliness, a project first started by the late MP Jo Cox. An issue affecting about nine million UK people, young and old, loneliness is a big challenge for our communities and the VCSE organisations that serve them.


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