This one-hour event is the first in a series of webinars to support trustees, and people thinking about becoming trustees, particularly legal professionals. 

The session will focus on what being a trustee involves, why trustees are important in communities, and how to find the right trustee role.

You will hear from a range of local organisations, including:

Monday, 21 September, 2020 - 13:00 to 14:00
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8 September, 2020


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Trustee and board diversity
26 August, 2020


A report into the barriers facing potential new trustees found that young people were put off applying to join charity boards by an “experience and expectation of racism” and the perception of board membership as “a club filled with old white men”.

Those with trustee experience described “micro aggressions” from other board members towards people of colour, and a sense that being younger meant their opinions were less important than older trustees.


Voscur invites members to take part in our online Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), on Wednesday 30 September.

Voscur has recently undertaken a governance review in line with Charity Commission guidance, as our current Memorandum & Articles date back to 2012. We’re now holding an EGM so that a revised Memorandum & Articles will be proposed to our members by Voscur’s Board of Trustees. The proposed changes aim to:

Wednesday, 30 September, 2020 - 16:30 to 17:30
Take Care of Each Other text sign on building
29 July, 2020


A new policy paper from Sir Brendan Barber, ACAS Chair from 2014-2020, calls for fairer, more inclusive and flexible workplaces and a new workplace contract as the nation recovers from coronavirus.

Building back: Making working lives better uses insight from long before coronavirus, as well as knowledge gathered during the pandemic. The paper recognises that:

29 July, 2020


The number of serious incidents reported to the Charity Commission has increased by 47% since last year.

The figure, published in the regulator’s recent annual report, show that 5,730 reports were submitted in the last year, compared to just 3,895 in 2018-19.

28 July, 2020

The Charity Commission has stated that it intends to launch a new online register of charities, with the aim of making it easier for the public to find information on the organisations which they need.

According to the commission, user research and experience will inform the design and layout in order to make the register easier to navigate; however, it has already said that interactivity will play a part in financial history graphs, while sector data will be presented in a simpler format.


Due to COVID-19, charities and community groups have had to move most face-to-face meetings online, and this includes meetings of their board and directors. However, you need to make sure your Articles of Association allow for remote meetings, e.g. 'by suitable electronic means'.

This guidance, produced by Voscur, explains the two options you have if there is no clause in your Articles of Association allowing for remote meetings. 

This course provides basic information and understanding for new trustees or those who want to refresh their understanding, of what a trustee is, their legal obligations and their role and responsibilities within an organisation.

Price: £94, around 40% off for Voscur Full Members on our half day courses, 20% off for Voscur Associate Members.

Full members: £55

Tuesday, 13 October, 2020 - 18:00 to 20:30


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