The “Can Do” guide to organising and running community events


Voluntary and community events are an important aspect of everyday life that help to encourage and enable people to participate, and play a more active part, in society. This guide from the Cabinet Office provides information on how to organise such events.


What's the right impact measurement tool for you?


Measuring the impact of our work is not always easy but it can help us make an even bigger difference to the communities we work for, and put us in a stronger position when applying for future funding or promoting our services to new clients and partners.


A guide to planning the targets you will achieve through your project and how you will monitor and evaluate. Particularly useful when you are planning an application.


Monitoring and evaluation process assessment

This self assessment exercise can be used to identify what your group is doing well and any areas for improvement in relation to monitoring and evaluation processes.




Understanding Baseline Standards

A tool that offers an explanation and checkist to understand whether your organisation meets Bristol City Council's 12 baseline standards.

28 June, 2017
Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees has said that regrettably, cuts to council services are inevitable. However the public can have a say on how they will be made.
A series of consultation surveys and events (running from June - September 2017) will give you the chance to contribute to the process. 

Many charities are now asking ‘is social enterprise for us?’ This guide from Social Enterprise UK is designed to help them think through this question, and answer it. It is aimed at charity leaders, senior managers and trustees to help them understand what the transition to social enterprise might mean for them.

Bristol City Council lease more than 150 of properties to voluntary and community organisations, often at reduced or minimal rents, or preferential terms. These arrangements range from short-term licences to long leases and this process is known as ‘Community Asset Transfer’ (CAT).

A practical guide to producing a SWOT analysis.



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