18 November, 2019


Councils will no longer be required to levy the bedroom tax in cases where it will breach an individual’s human rights - including cases where a person has severe disabilities.

This follows a ruling by the UK Supreme Court which found that the tax breached the human right to a home of a man whose housing benefit was reduced by 14%.

The man, known as RR, has a severely disabled partner and needs the additional bedroom to store medical equipment.

11 November, 2019



Voscur is calling upon organisations working with young people and students to encourage their stakeholders to register to vote by midnight on the 26 November in order to have their say in the General Election on the 12 December.

At Voscur we believe that voting is one of the most effective ways that citizens can exercise influence over the future of their country and community.

4 November, 2019


The Charity Commission, along with the other UK regulators is seeking engagement partners to join key stakeholder groups that will help to gather feedback and ideas for changes to the charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP).

Fraud risks to charities
29 October, 2019


Over two thirds of charities think that fraud is a major risk, according to new research from the Charity Commission.

Despite this, less than 9% of charities have a fraud awareness training programme.

28 October, 2019


Bristol City Council has launched its consultation on the level of council tax it will charge for the year 2020-21.

The council is proposing a number of options ranging from no increase, to a 2% increase on general services plus a further 2% that will contribute towards the provision of adult social care.

16 October, 2019


This month saw the first Queen’s Speech since June 2017.

Officially, the occasion is used to set out government proposals for the upcoming parliamentary term.

However, with political turmoil potentially resulting in the speech being rejected by parliament and a general election looking probable, it seems unlikely that the proposals will be enacted during this parliament.

14 October, 2019


On 11 September 2019, Voscur held a lunchtime briefing on Into a New Era the VCSE sector’s 10-year strategy and vision.

The session aimed to provide an overview of the document, to generate discussion on the contents and to gain feedback and suggestions. This would be used to co-design future improvements in the strategy.

14 October, 2019


Bristol City Council is asking parents, carers, professionals alongside children and young people with sensory needs in the west of England to share their views about how to improve support for them and their family.

The consultation is open until 4 December 2019 and can be accessed through the Bristol City Council's consultation hub and all four Local Offer websites.


NCVO has launched a range of safeguarding resources to help organisations keep donors, service users, staff and volunteers safe. The resources, as part of NCVO Knowhow, include details of safeguarding policies and procedures, checklists, frameworks, and advice on whistleblowing and reporting abuse. 

The National Coalition of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has published guidance to help charities prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

According to the organisation’s lead on Brexit, Ben Westerman, it is vital that charities consider the implications of Brexit – including no-deal – and put flexible, resilient measures in place to deal with it.


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